Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The BIG Question

It happened today. And it stopped me in my tracks. Here's the scene:

C=Caitlyn, M=Mommy

Caitlyn on the floor coloring a picture for her teacher.
C: Mommy, 2 T's mean you're pregnant right?

M: (Very confused) What do you mean Cate?

C: (obviously frustrated with my ignorance) Mom, when there are 2 T's on the scale it means you're pregnant! Right?

M: Who taught you that?

C: You did Mommy.

M: No Cate, I didn't. When do you think I told you that?

C: You told me Mommy, remember?

M: I really don't remember ever telling you that Cate. A scale tells you how much you weigh, not if you're pregnant or not.

C: You told me that 2 T's on the scale is how you get pregnant mom.

(Mom....very frightened with the conversation that I see coming my way)

M: No hunny, you don't get pregnant that way. (The second I said it, I knew the question was coming and I wanted to kick myself right in my big ass for saying it.)

C: Then how do you get pregnant Mommy?

M: That is a conversation that we will have when you are in the bathtub tonight. (This way I could think of a good explanation that I think she will understand.)

Caitlyn knows that she was in my belly before she was born. She knows that they had to cut Mom's bell because I got sick and they had to get her out. She knows that she was very sick as an infant and had to stay in the hospital. She knows that Mommy can get sick again if she has another baby in there.

Up to this point, when Caitlyn has questioned how she got into my belly to begin with, I have always told her that od put her there. That she was a miracle and a gift from God to me and Daddy because he knew that we wanted a baby. So he decided to give her to us.

I'm not so sure that she is buying this explanation anymore. I am thinking that she wants more. How much more is the question? I am mulling it over and when she is in the tub tonight (in about 15 minutes) we will be discussing it. God help me!

I am thinking that she is talking to dear Kelly a bit too much about things that just aren't appropriate for a 5 and 10 year old to be talking about. She told me today that Kelly told her that as a baby she was dying. So Cate wanted to know why she was dying when she was only a baby. I had to assure her that she wasn't dying, that she was just very sick. Which she already knew, but Kelly went ahead and threw in the word dying which makes it that much more scary to Caitlyn. I may need to have a chat with my mom and with Kelly about what they are discussing when they are together.

Can't wait to see how this one pans out!


abby said...

Wow. We also want to know how this conversation pans out!!! Caitlyn is a little firecracker!

Angela said...

I am cringing! It can't be time already, can it?

You are an awesome mom and Caitlyn's wise beyond her time so I am very positive about the outcome!

Do let us know!