Friday, March 16, 2007

A very long overdue update

So there has been much going on here in the land of the Walshes. The reason for the recent hiatus from the blog has been more personal than anything. Matt and I have been doing some "housekeeping" so to speak. And in order to focus on that entirely, I had to forego the computer. And now that we are done cleaning up our house and things are starting to get back to normal, I think I am ready to begin telling the tales of my girlie again. Of which there are many as usual.

For starters, we have lost another tooth. And the tooth fairy came to visit again, leaving another $5.00. It's the tooth right next to the one that was lost first. So she is now missing her front 2 bottom teeth. And it is funny to hear her pronounce certain words, cause her tongue slides through the gap now. It's funny, you never really think about how much your tongue really does when you pronounce certain words. So when she is trying to sound out words when she is reading, they don't always sound right :P I am sure once she gets used to it, she will compensate for it. At least I hope she will.

She is still loving ballet and is now saying that she wants to be a ballerina when she grows up :) Her recital is the first weekend in June and we got to see the costumes that they are wearing....OH.MY.GOD are they adorable!!! Little pink fitted bodice and full tutu! Expect loads of pics for that!

Some interesting news for me, I filled out an application online on a complete whim. I really only did it because they weren't asking for a resume to be submitted at the time of applying, so I figured what the hell? Well, 16 minutes after I hit the submit button, the assistant superintendant was emailing me asking me to come in for an interview 2 days later! I couldn't do that since I was doing a training that day, but we were able to schedule it for the 23rd! And I am starting to think that it was a blessing in disguise, because there are huge changes happening at my co-op right now. So, hopefully this will work out for me!

Matt is in his master's program and it is in full swing now. It monopolizes a lot of his time, but he is hanging in there and doing well. I haven't had to "help" him out too much, which is good for me. I do worry though about what will happen during football season. He is always so crunched for time anyway during football, and I worry that he will end up falling behind in the classes. But I think he is determined enough to do well and finish the program, so he will certainly be giving it his all.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming now, and hopefully no more month long wait for updates :)

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