Thursday, January 25, 2007


Caitlyn seems to be feeling better this morning. She went back to school yesterday and she is there today so I am thinking that it was a short lived cold. Fingers crossed! She doesn't have school tomorrow so she will be able to sleep in, provided she gets to have a sleep over at my mom's. That's one of the added benefits of living only 3 blocks from your mother ;) It is wonderful when she can spend the night there and I can get up and only worry about getting myself ready for work. You completely take that for granted before you have children. Then when they come along and you find yourself rushing like a maniac every single morning, you realize just how wonderful it was to only have to worry about making sure you were ready in the morning!

Wow that was a she is feeling better and I am hoping that the cough is not on it's way. I get so scared whenever this child gets a cough. I am convinced that she is going to end up in the hospital needing assistance for breathing! Not that it has ever happened, and we have only ever been to the emergency room once for breathing since she has been home from the NICU. But the second this child starts coughing, I imagine vents and tubes and blah blah blah. Matt thinks I am crazy, I don't think so, I think he is too lax....whatever. So hopefully there will be no cough since one hasn't started yet!

So 2 weeks ago at ballet, there was a lady there taking measurements for the girls' costumes that they will be wearing for the recital in June. Because Caitlyn has always been so skinny, I wanted to chat with her about the size charts that they provided for us to choose from. Technically, Caitlyn's waist is about a size 3 or 4. However, he length is a size 6 at least! Not too easy to buy clothes for. So I asked the woman and she said that she was certain bassed on Caitlyn's measurements that she would fit in a size 4-6. So we will see. I am hoping that I don't have to have it altered before the show.

There was a grandmother sitting on the bench next to me when I was talking to the measuring lady about Cate's measurements. After the measuring lady left (yes measuring lady is a technical term), the grandmother leans over to me and we have the strangest conversation that I have ever had with another parent! (we'll call her G for Grandmother)

G: My granddaughter is smaller than your daughter??
She says this with such disbelief in her voice that I was really quite shocked by it. Only because she made it seem as though Caitlyn was abnormally small...which she is not.

N: (looking at her sheet with the numbers written on it) It seems that way.
It is then that I realize that I don't want any part of this conversation....I can see where it's going and size conversations with people who have no idea about Caitlyn's history are just not worth my time anymore.

G: Well my granddaughter doesn't look smaller than your daughter. Your daughter looks much skinnier than her.

N: (somewhat of a giggle as to indicate that she is acting like an ass) Caitlyn is skinny, but she is tall. It has always been that way. I am sure that your granddaughter will fit nicely into the costume.

G: How old is your daughter? Cause my granddaughter is 4, almost 5, so I don't think she should be smaller.

N: My daughter is 5, almost 6, so I am pretty sure that it's ok for your granddaughter to be smaller than a child who is over a year older than her. And really, my daughter started out her life very tiny at only 18 ounces, so considering that starting point, I think she is doing pretty well in the size department.

It was at that point that I got up from the bench and walked away. The grandmother has not been back. I don't know who the little girl's mother is as I sit there and actually enjoy reading a book for leisure while I am there as opposed to chatting it up with the other mothers. But I do hope that I offended that woman a fraction of how much she offended me. I was very confused as to why she was so upset that her granddaughter, at over a year younger, was smaller than Cate. I mean, she should be smaller right? I think I was more upset by the fact that this woman must have thought that Caitlyn looked ridiculously skinny in her leotard. Which pisses me off even more! Cause frankly, the kid looks damn cute in the thing :P

You can look at Caitlyn and think that she is quite slim. But I don't look at her anymore as though she is underweight. I used to, but I haven't for quite some time now. She is on the charts, well near the 40th percentile now, so she can't look too different from her peers I suppose. And for height, she is way above that on the chart. So I don't think that people could look at Caitlyn anymore and wonder why she is so thin like they used to.

Either way, the woman was a complete asshole if you ask me. And hopefully she will not be returning to take her granddaughter to ballet. Even more so, if she does return, I do hope that she doesn't want to have a conversation with me about anything. Cause I certainly have no intentions of being polite to her.

Will get some pictures of the girl in the leotard soon. Here is one of my new faves of my girlie

We are going to see Dinsey on Ice Princess Wishes tomorrow. The girl is way excited about that. And I am way excited to go and take pictures with my fancy new camera. It is amazing the features that you get in a camera when you spend a little more (or a lot more) money on it! The software that it comes with is so easy to use! And it has some really fun features for photo editing. So I am excited about it to say the least. I am trying to teach Caitlyn how to take pictures with it as well. Not sure if that's a good plan or a bad one yet!

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