Sunday, January 07, 2007

A loose tooth

It's official! The days of toddlerdom are gone now. Caitlyn has her first loose tooth. It's one of the bottom ones. Surprisingly enough, it's actually her very first tooth that came in as an infant. Since the day that Cate has turned 5, she has been asking me when her teeth are going to start falling out. So needless to say, she is very excited. Although, I do think that I am tad bit more excited than she is ;)

She had a sleepover at Grama Rita's last night and when she was brushing her teeth this morning she told Grama that her tooth was hurting her. Lo and behold, Grama wiggled it...and it is really wiggling in there. I think it's hysterical that she didn't even realize it and had to be told that she had a loose tooth.

So now my biggest fear is that it will fall out at school and get lost or she will end up swallowing it, or some other tragedy to ruin the perfect goodness of it all. So I am thinking that in about 2 days I will make her eat an apple to help things along :)


Kari said...

Oh my gosh! How cool and so sad at the same time! Little bitty is growing up!

Angela said...

Oh my goodness! How exciting!!! I hope it falls out at home.