Thursday, January 18, 2007

Musings of a little girl

Several funnies that have come out of her mouth in the past week:

On making cotton candy
C: Mom how do they make cotton candy?
N: with lots and lots of sugar.
C: I think they use cat fur and add sugar and water. And it tastes so good that you don't even know it's cat fur.


On Fathers
N: (to Caitlyn while hugging her) I am so glad that God gave you to me for a daughter.
C: (hugging me) I am so glad God gave me you as my mother.

.....pause as she thinks for a moment.

C: I am so glad that God gave me Daddy as my father.

.....pause to think again.

C: (pulling away from me and putting her hand by her mouth as though she is trying to whisper) You know Mom, God is really everyone's Father though right?

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