Friday, January 19, 2007

It Finally Fell Out!!

Well, I guess fell isn't really the right word...since Daddy pulled it out. But it was ready and hanging on by one of those little gummy threads (eww I know). Caitlyn wasn't too scared when Matt was going to pull it. I had reassured her that it wouldn't hurt and she probably wouldn't even feel it. I had to let her know that there was going to be a little blood, cause she gets freaked out about blood. I guess I don't see a medical profession in her future huh??

Matt gave it one little tug, and out it came. There was MINIMAL bleeding, thank God, and no tears what so ever. Once it was out, she didn't even realize that Matt had pulled it out ;) She is so psyched!

We had to clear up a couple misconceptions though. She was under the impression that she would be able to see the new tooth immediately. I told her that it wasn't underneath it just yet. To which she promptly replied that the Tooth Fairy would just "zap" one in there with her wand tonight when she makes her visit. Ummm, no. So we had to have a discussion about a new tooth needing to grow in there. She is a little bummed about that. But as soon as she sees the new one coming in I am sure she will be able to understand it a little better.

Here are some pics of the new gap in the pretty smile of hers:

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