Thursday, April 05, 2007

It's gone!

So the antibiotic coupled with the inhaler has done the trick. The girlie is feeling much much better. And she is coughing so infrequently now, back to normalcy and niceness :)

Danny has made his way home and is on the road to recovery. Amazing how quickly kids can bounce back from major surgery isn't it?

My second interview is scheduled for this coming Monday at 1:30. I believe that there are 2 other people interviewing for the same position. At least that's what it seems since the girl who called said that she has 2 other people to schedule on that day. Or there are more and they have scheduled them on another day. Or I am just thinking way to much into it and I shouldn't worry about how many other people are interviewing?

It has been decided that Easter dinner will be at my house this year. Typically it is at Mary's house (Danny's mom). However, due to the recent events of surgery and Jack developing pink eye, it would seem to be the wisest option to just have it here. Which is kind of nice. Then we don't have to worry about leaving the house at all. So that's nice. The downside, I need to clean the hell out of my house. It really is quite the scary sight. And I do believe that the dust bunnies are rallying to overthrow me.

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