Monday, April 16, 2007

Just Some Random Thoughts

At the playground today, Caitlyn went to run towards the slide and hit her head right on the bar used for chin ups. It would appear that she has gotten taller by about an inch since the last time she was there. She is fine, and went right on running.

My wedding video is getting more play time now than it ever has in the past. She absolutely will not stop watching it. Over. And over. And over again. I seriously need to get that thing burned to DVD before it won't play anymore.

Polly Pockets are in fact the devil's creation. No child should be allowed to want to play with these damn toys. The shoes for these dolls....yeah they're about half the size of a small pinky nail. And God forbid if Polly doesn't have matching shoes because one is missing and there is a possibility that the damn cat ate it. I refuse to look through the cat litter box for it. There are just certain things at which I draw the line.

Report card pick up is Wednesday. Typically, parents look forward to these. Me? Not so much. It would appear that I am way too critical of this goofy teacher. Really, she is goofy. It's not just me. I have asked people.

I go in on Thursday to sign my contract for next year and negotiate salary. Not looking forward to this as I have a feeling that they don't want to give me any credit for my 10 years experience. Damn the TRS to hell right now.

Do I win money at Bingo? Hell no. I win ridiculous shit like this.


Angela said...

LMOA at the bingo prize -- LOL!!!

I love reading about Caitlyn!

I am just the mother said...

What's wrong with the prize?? It's craptacular!! :)


Nancy said...

You want it Christine??? I will gladly send it on over to you. Though I am thinking that I might just keep it as it would make an excellent White Elephant gift sometime in the future ;]

I am just the mother said...

You know I will be in the Chicago area next weekend.....
You are so funny. I am actually going on a mini weekend vacation and visiting my friend in Darien. It will be my first trip since the boys came home. I cant wait for the uninterrupted sleep!!! :}