Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Birthday Party

Today Caitlyn went to a birthday party. Nothing unusual about that really. However, I didn't stay there with her. It was the first time that I have done that. The opportunity has arisen in the past, but I have never taken advantage of it. But this time, I decided to bite the bullet and let it happen. We've had moms drop their kids off at her parties in the past, and I would think how strange that was. To just leave your kid there, and then come back a couple of hours later to get them again.

But when I talked to the mom when I RSVP'd, she had assured me that Cate would be fine there. That she had a fenced in yard and she had a large basement that the kids would be in if they weren't outside. She also mentioned that there were going to be a lot of adults there from her family. So it was almost as if she was telling me to not come along with Caitlyn.

When I told Cate that I wasn't going to be there with her, I expected a different response than I got. She promptly simply said...."Okay Mommy." I was baffled. This child that I call my cling on, could have cared less that I wasn't going to be there with her.

I guess I should be ecstatic about that. Right? Well, it makes me a little sad to be perfectly honest. Just demonstrates to me once again that she is getting older. Not like I'm thinking she doesn't need me or anything anymore. But it's just one more step of her pulling away from me and doing things on her own.

Matt had to pick her up because I was out doing some things with Mom. And she was happy as could be when I got home. Telling me about all the wonderful things she did. Oh, and she fell down the basement stairs. She just kind of threw that in there mid sentence. See, had I been there, that wouldn't have happened! But she was quick to tell me that she didn't cry and it hardly hurt as she only fell on her butt.

Later when I was giving her a bath, I immediately started thinking about all of the things that could have happened to her because I wasn't there. Things like an overly touch unlce, or a not so nice to play with cousin. All horrific things to me. I figured I couldn't come right out and ask her if anyone was "overly nice" to her or mean for that matter either. So I tried to beat around the bush. And all of her answers were perfectly acceptable. Which put my mind at ease.

So I guess this is the start of a new trend with the girlie. I would imagine that after a few parties I will start to look forward to the time by myself. Right??? Right????

.......and as a side note, I only drove by that silly party once to check on her in the backyard and she was having a ball. Despite not wearing her jacket like I told her to.

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Kari said...

It does sound silly but I think I would be just like you, not wanting to leave, driving by and worrying.

Glad you made it through the party mostly unscathed!