Thursday, March 29, 2007

The 6 hour ER Stint

It would appear that the cough I thought would just go away, isn't. Last night around 6ish, Caitlyn started with her uncontrollable hacking again. Which of courses prompted vomitting, always fun. I tried calling her doctor to see what we shoudl do, and his phone was busy...for over 30 minutes! I am thinking that there was something really wrong with his phone line? So I told Matt that we were just going to Lutheran General and calling it a night. Caitlyn's doc is not out of that hospital, but they do have a pediatric emergency room, which is why I go there instead. Not to mention the fact that her doc is out of Christ, which would mean going 45 minutes away to the ER....seems silly to me.

They did get us in right away, which I was thankful for. But of course, in true Caitlyn fashion, she didn't cough a bit for the first hour that we were there. And why would she really? There is nothing near as fun as making your parents look like complete fools in front of medical experts.

The first person to see her was a student. He couldn't hear anything strange going on in her lungs, and figured she was just beginning the flu. Then the "real" doc came in the follow up his exam. Hmmm...different story from him altogether. Seems he could hear the wheezing and also noted that she had some coarse sounds on the right side, more than likely beginning stages of pneumonia. So we headed down for a chest xray. Which Caitlyn thoroughly loved. And the fact that the techncian let her see the images was certainly an added bonus.

Once back in the room, she was given a neb treatment. Through our rose colored glasses we were fairly certain this was going to be the cure all. Not so much. It helped. For all of about 7.2 minutes. Then began the extreme hacking again. Shortly after, they decided another neb treatment would certainly do the trick. But see, they don't know how my kid loves to skew the odds.

The second one seemed to be going along nicely. Well, that's until she decided to throw up from the either the taste of it of the plastic in her mouth. Not sure. Either way, she now how vomit ladden clothes and was still coughing. This spurred some interest from the doctors though :P After cleaning her up, we finished the treatment and were told we needed to hang around some so they could watch her.

An hour later, the doc comes back in and says that he is prescribing an antibiotic because he is worried about the coarse sounds on the right side turning into pneumonia. He also prescribed some more albuterol. Which I won't be filling, as I just refilled one for her since her last canister expired.

She sounds the same this morning, hopefully the abx will kick the hell out of whatever is going on. If not, she may just cough for the rest of her life. She is terribly sad not to be at school today though, as it was supposed to be her fake birthday celebration. Since she isn't in school for her actual birthday, they do a fake one for the summer kids. I have reassured her that she will have her fake birthday after spring break though and she seems ok about that...only slightly pissed off I guess.

I must mention though, a funny that occurred in the hospital. Typically, doctors seem to talk to moms like they have a significantly lower IQ than the rest of the walking upright world. This doc however, whom I adored, spoke to Matt as though he were certainly learning disabled. At first I thought it was a fluke, but everytime the man spoke to Matt, he looked at him like Matt could barely understand the English language. And it wasn't just me noticing it, Matt asked me as well if it was just his imagination that this was happening. I reassured him that it was not! So now when I talk to Matt about Caitlyn, I am making sure to speak in slow sentences with easy to understand words so as not to confuse him ;]

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