Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I Got It!!

Stunned. This is what I am. I got the call from the assistant superintendent yesterday evening that I was the team's number one choice of the interviewees! How's that for spanking my ego ;) He said he just needed to call and check my references and that he would get back to me today to officially offer me the position.

Did I talk to him today? Well of course I didn't. I was helping Tutti clear up some bullshit at work that she is encountering. So my phone was on vibrate, and I had no idea that he called. So I called to leave a message to call me again tomorrow. Hopefully it doesn't make me sound like too much of a fool.

The one thing that needs to be squared away is how many years of experience they will give me. They are able to give up to 8, I have 10. However, none of my positions have been in "certified" positions. Basically what that means is that my certificate has been in an "exempt" status for the last 10 years. Current, but inactive. Which technically really isn't the case, but on paper that's what it looks like. So I am not sure how much negotiating on salary I am going to be able to do. Even if they can't give me the full 8 years, I would like something. Cause 10 years is a lot to just toss out the window.

In other news, Caitlyn is celebrating her "fake birthday" tomorrow at school. Because her birthday falls in the summer, she won't be in school for it. So like last year, the teacher puts on a little production for them so that the kid can experience what the other kids whose birthdays occur during the school year experience. Which is wonderful....unless you're a mom like me who completely forgets that this will be happening tomorrow. And you haven't purchased any cupcakes or anything for the kid to distribute. But fear not, Tutti ran right out and purchased 30 mini cupcakes for the girl. So all is right in her world now. And she has forgiven my ignorance ;)

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