Sunday, March 25, 2007

Inhaler or Over the Counter Meds??

The girl is doing well. She seems to be battling a cough right now. I am always so torn as to whether I should go with the over the counter cough medicine or start with the inhaler. I try to "treat" and be invasive as little as I possibly can. So for the first couple of days of the cough, I usually stay away from it. Hoping that it will just go away on it's own. It's when it starts interferring with the sleep that I have a tendency to intervene. Cause interferrance with Cate's sleep equates the same for me. And we all know that I am not a big fan of that.

Either way, I started with the inhaler for a couple of days in the hopes that maybe it was just seasonal. After 2 days of the thing not leaving and the inhaler not helping so much, we moved to the night time, make me sleepy, cough medicine. And now that is seeming to help. So let's just hope that it isn't a recurrence of the crap that she had last month.

Her cough seems to be getting a little wet now, not so much the dry barky cough that she had. So whatever is in there is loosening up. I just wish now that she would learn to spit the crap out versus swallowing it back down. But that is a skill that must be learned it appears.

The interview went very well. At least I think it did, I guess the guy interviewing me could have a completely different perspective on it huh? I did find out though at the very beginning of the interview, that it isn't a position like I currently hold. Rather it is more of a supervisory position. Very strange to me, but what the hell, I'm game! I'll give it a go if offered the opportunity.

The person also informed me that having the references that I did have, carry a lot of weight. Which I kind of knew, which is why I asked one person in particular for a letter of recommendation. Having her speak highly of you means a lot to prospective employers. So I was very grateful that she was willing to write a letter for me.

I was assured that I have made it to the next round of interviews. Rounds? Didn't know there were rounds, but I guess I am glad that I have made it to the next of the said rounds. Would have been much nicer if I had been offered the job right there on the spot right? But I will take what I can get. So another week or so of my being horribly nervous!

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