Monday, March 26, 2007

Danny Boy

Caitlyn's cousin Danny has Biliary Atresia He was diagosed with it when he was about 8 weeks old. I would go into the entire story of it, but I would do it no justice. Suffice it to say, danny can get sick very quickly. Luckily, with lots of prayers he has managed to do outstanding for the past almost 7 years. Up until this weekend. His mom took him to the emergency room because he had been throwing up quite a bit. To make a long story short, it turns out he had a bowel obstruction. Which I know now is not uncommon in children with this condition.

Danny ended up having to have surgery the other day and is since doing much better. Caitlyn on the other hand is beside herself that he most favorite cousin on the planet is in the hospital. To make matters worse, she can't go see him. She is just too sick to be around a kid who is sicker. So I told her what she needed to do was say lots of prayers that Danny gets better soon.

I have never asked Caitlyn to pray for anyone, or anything. And I never thought that I had to explain to her how to do it. I just figured she would know how I guess. Well it would appear that she doesn't quite understand the process based on the barrage of questions I got regarding the topic. To name my favorite questions:

1. How can God hear me when heaven is so far away?
2. Is God watching over Danny in the hospital?
3. Did Grandma rita pray for me when I was in the hospital?

After some lengthy explanations regarding prayer, explanations that a 5 year old can understand, she assured me that she was in fact praying long and hard for him. When I found out that Danny is getting better and stronger, I let her know that her prayers must be working.

Now that we have the prayer business out of the way, I just wish there was a way to control the sudden outbursts of crying that occur. She is so worried about him, and no matter what I tell her, I don't think her fears are going to be put to rest until she sees him at home and comfortable....I guess that's the case for all of us though.

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K said...

I hope Danny recovers wishes to you and your family.