Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Caitlyn is talking about symmetry these days. Seems they went over it in school about 2 weeks ago and she is still processing it I guess.

Cate: Mom, did you know our bodies are symmetrical?

Mom: What???

Cate: Our bodies are symmetrical. It means they are the same on both sides if you fold it in half.

Mom: (in complete shock of course) Wow! You are one smart little lady my love :)

In other news....
I am looking into reworking my contract at work. See, I think I am one of the few teachers on the planet that doesn't have the summers off. And I am not including teachers that opt to teach summer school or work summer camps at school or anything like that.

When I took this new position almost 2 years ago, I agreed to an 11 month contract. Cause at the time it really didn't seem so bad. (Don't ask me what the hell I was thinking, I'm not sure.) It still allowed me about 6 weeks off in the summer and time to take off around Christmas and Spring Break. But the downside is that I always have to make sure that I have enough days and worry about that. So there has been a big transition at my job and there are some openings. These openings would allow for me to move into the 10 month position and have the summers and other breaks off without having to worry about saving my vacation time and what not.

Seems like it is a no brainer conclusion right? Wrong. I would have to take a pay cut. Now, I haven't met with my boss to figure out exactly why I would have to take a pay cut when I am doing the same job. I think I am most confused by it because I am a salaried employee as opposed to an hourly employee. So I am not sure how all of that works into less pay for me.

Bottom line I guess is that I have to see how much of a pay cut that it is and go from there. Besides the issue of the pay cut, there are so many other things to take into consideration. Things like the teacher's retirement fund, putting myself back down on the totem pole and allowing myself to be riffed for the next 5 years, etc.

When I began thinking about this and talked to my boss about it a few months ago, the decision really did seem much easier to make! I am meeting with my boss next week to have everything laid out in front of me before I make my decision....let's just hope the pay cut isn't so drastic that I can't afford to make the move.

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Cath said...

Hope you get the job sorted hunny.
Caitlyn is one smart cookie!!