Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Organized Sports and other things

I signed the girl up today for Pre K soccer. Not that I am a fan of soccer (I actually know pretty much nothing of the sport other than the intent is to kick the ball into the net). She is completely thrilled. And also hesitant and nervous about playing. She is terrinfied about what will happen if she doesn't make a goal. So that is something that I know we are going to have to work through. Practice starts in July and her first game is in mid August. Man oh man is she going to look adorable in that soccer unifrom though....which is my primary concern.

I went to visit some people at a couple of schools I used to work with today. Things seem to be worse than ever in that district which sucks for those employees. But hopefully it will get better for them. On this visit I realized one thing....I am OLD!!!! I say this because the receptionist that works in one of the buildings I met my second year going to this particular school. At the time, her daughter was in 8th grade, possibly 7th, but I am thinking 8th. When I saw her today I asked how her daughter was doing. Lo and behold, she has graduated college, and gotten married. Yeah...I thought maybe she was still in high school. Futile attempt at maintaining my own youth I suppose.

I have discussed a possible pay cut with Matt if I change positions. He is adamant that it can not be a significant one (well duh!). So now I anxiously await Monday to see what happens there.

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