Tuesday, February 28, 2006


The F Word must go. Forever. No questions asked.

So we were doing pretty well, not having heard from the pizza guy in a few days. Even when he was "on" her phone, she would simply hang up and move on to the next person to answer the phone.

Matt is out of town, so I decided to take Caitlyn out for dinner. Just her and I. Thinking it would be something nice for her. And it was. She loves hanging out with mom. But you see, I made one very very very fatal mistake. It was my choice in restaurants. For God's sake, I live in Chicago. There are a million and one places to go to for dinner. And what do I choose? Pizza Hut. What in the hell was I thinking. The pizza guy episode is still so very raw in this child, I totally should have known better than this. Really....I am smarter than this. But why oh why wasn't I tonight?????

You can completely see where I am going with this right?

The evening started out perfectly fine. No mention of the pizza guy and the obscenity to go along with it. Maybe because we had a female waitress, so the "guy" was far from her mind. We eat our food, she stuffs her face just like she always done at Pizza Hut.

Then....out of nowhere...it happens.

"Hey ya fuckin pizza guy!!!"


Wanting to crawl under the table, I am silently praying that that so did not just happen. But it did. When I lift my head from praying, my 3 shades of red head, I take a quick inventory to see who is gawking at us. And with good reason too. I mean, how often is it that you get to hear a 4 year old shouting such atrocities? Surprisingly, no one, not a single person is looking at us. For a breif moment I think it didn't happen. That it was all in my head and I was fearing it happening. But the fact that Caitlyn screeched it when she said it, I don't think it was clear to others what she had said. Audible, hell yes, but not clear enough for them to make out what vulgarities she is capable of when pissed off enough.

Then to confirm to me that she had said it, she says to me....

"Mommy did you hear what I said?"

And with that, I see her mouth open, almost in slow motion, and she is about to yell it again to make sure that I heard her. I was able to stop her this time. Which I am absolutely postive had I not stopped her, it most definitely would have warranted a call to DCFS by the management. I mean, who really lets their child yell this shit out, and in public no less??

So upon returning home, we had the talk that we had some time ago about how there are words that we say and words that we don't. And there are words that adults can use that children just aren't allowed to. Yes I am resorting to the old, "Because I am the mom that's why!" And I don't care. If it stops my child from using profanity in public, or for now, I am all about it.

I say again, and damn I am getting awfully tired of sayin git, the vernacular in this house needs to change....and right quick!


Kari said...

What a crazy little girl you have! Here's hoping she cleans up her mouth and turns into a little lady! Although she said it so fast that I couldnt really understand it!

worry woman said...

You & I are on the same wave length-go look at my blog and at the picture I decided to put up today before I read your blog...
Let me just say it is funny because it is happening to you-I thought it would be me and my potty mouth-but it is happining to you. I am not sorry for you-she sounds like too much fun! Just like mine! Even though they push the limits!

a very tired mommy said...

omg!! that's sooooo funny. so sorry...i know that griffin gets it from me, too, so there you have it. ;)

evelyn said...

nancy,when you figure out how to stop her saying it can you pass on the secret to me as devin keeps saying it too and it is driving me mad...the ignoring is just not cutting it with him.
caitlyn on the other hand sounds hilarious when she does it,it's like when your husband is drunk everyone finds him funny except you.