Saturday, February 11, 2006

Children's movies

Taking a child to the theater is always an experience. Caitlyn actually really enjoys it. And she manages to sit through the entire movie, provided it peaks her interest.

Last night I took Kelly and Caitlyn to see Curious George. $19.00 just to enter the theater, and another $18.00 to get popcorn and pop. Sickens me how damn expensive it is to just go watch a movie. How in the hell is a family of say 5 or 6 supposed to go watch a movie???

After purchasing the food, we look for 3 seats. Kelly sits down, I start getting the straws in teh cups and doling out the goods. Caitlyn starts crying. Why? Well because she isn't heavy enough for the damn seat. The stupid thing keeps folding up on her. Now this happened when we went to see Madagascar, and I stupidly thought that maybe my child had put on enough weight by now that she would be able to sit alone this time around. No such luck, I would have a 35 pound 4 year old on my lap for an hour and a half, and the big ol melon of said 4 year old in front of my face the entire movie.

So we get settled into 3 seats, even though we only need 2, near the back of the theater (in case of any urgent bathroom trips or any other emergency that could rear it's ugle head) we are good to go and we wait for the movie to start. And we wait. And we wait. Oh and then we waited a little more. What in the name of all that is holy is with all the damn comercials. And I don't mean previews. I mean commercials. Commericals for Coke, commercials for cell phones. You know...all things that are relevant to the 3-10 year old population. After the commercials, then we make it to the previews. Which those I don't mind so much. And neither do most kids. They are all too busy yelling "I want to see that!!!."

Caitlyn wasn't too thrilled with the movie either. Half way through she started to get antsy. She wants to stand, she wants to talk. The movie just wasn't grabbing her. As an adult, I empathize with this reaction. Cause the movie isn't enjoyable for adults like Madagascar or Toy Story. It's completely geared towards kids. Which is fine, if you're 5, it's hell if your 31.

Now I could keep Caitlyn under control. Rubbing her head, whispering sweet nothings into her ear. All things that could keep her occupied for a good hour. What I couldn't control, was the asshole snoring in the row in front of me. Now, I understand, it's Friday, you have worked all week, the last thing you really want to do is sit through Curious George. But come the fuck on??? Now people are looking at him, not really snickering as it is completely annoying. But not a one gets up to ask him to stop. Well, not a one of them. Me on the other hand...I can't stand my husband snoring in the same room as me, I'll be damned if I am going to tolerate a perfect stranger doing it. So I kindly get up, creep over to him, tap him on the shoulder (to which he startles fiercly, and sweetly ask him if he could keep the snoring to a minimum as some kids are having trouble hearing the movie. A bit of a stretch, but I don't give a shit. he looks at me with a very befuddled look on his face and says......can you guess??? They all say it. "I wasn't snoring ma'am." Now I hear people giggle, well women do cause they have all heard this line before. And I kind of giggle too. And I say to him, "Oh good, then I won't have to come over and ask you to stop anymore." And I walk back to my set. And there is no more snoring for the duration of the film.

But a good time was had by both of the girls. Then they came to my house for a sleepover. Which entailed more crappy food, some arguing, playing loudly, some arguing. And it ended with both of them in my bed at about 2am.


Kari said...

Woo hoo! sounds like you all had so much fun! You know they do have booster seats at some movie theaters. Too funny about the snoring man who wasnt! BTW who is Kelly?

worry woman said...

Another thing about the movies...WHY are the movies so damn loud these days? We went and saw Eight Below-(I had free tickets so it only cost me 18.00 in pop & popcorn!=))Anyway...DAMN it was super loud in there!!!

Poor Caitlyn! Too bad you don't have a purse like mine that weighs 20 pounds that you could have put in the seat with her!
Now as for the snoring...I snore...yes, and I am woman enough to admit it. I am so loud that I have jolted myself awake. And I don't mind it since I am asleep and it is only me...So I KNOW better than to fall asleep in a public place! I fall asleep at home in front of the TV and Max is shaking me, "MOOOMMMMM, You are snoring!!!!!" But you got that guy huh? HAHAHA! You are really quick on your feet with the comebacks! I doubt I could have thought of that so quick!