Friday, February 10, 2006

Happy Friday

I am grateful that my child is smart...but sometimes it can really be an annoyance. Yesterday when I picked her up from moms, she doesn't even say hi to me. Instead, the first thing out of her mouth is that it is February 9th and tomorrow (today) will be February 10th, which means we can go see Curious George. Because about a month ago when we saw the previews I told her that I would take her and Kelly to see it. Did I think that she would be counting down the days? Hell no. But appearently she is. So here it is Friday morning, and the first thing she says is not good morning mother I am thankful for another day. No. What time are you picking me up at grandma's so that we can go to the movies?

Will let you know how it is....I have no desire to see the silly monkey and the man in the yellow hat. But alas! I will do it. I wanted to wait until Sunday when we could go to a matinee and it is cheaper, but for some reason she just doesn't understand the concept of the "cheaper" shows yet. I must teach her.

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aworkman said...

haha! hope the movie was cute! let us know! Little smarty bet she saw previews for something else thats coming out in a month or so!! LOL!!