Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Anonymous Commentor

This is a mind boggling concept to me. I enjoy reading the blogs that I do, and on some I comment, others I just peruse. However, when I do comment, I always use my name and my information. If on the off chance that I don't, it's typically because I thought I was logged in. But leaving a comment on a person's blog and not identifying yourself? I don't understand this. What could the reason be?

I wonder mainly because I have had some of those anonymous commentors in the last few days. Now I have seen people comment anonymously and at times it because they are trolling and what they have to say is so offensive, and they are so aware of it's offensiveness, that they don't want to be associated with the comment that they are leaving. I guess I can understand that. To be just stirring the pot, to start a "commenting war." And to those people, I say comment anonymously because I really don't want to be bothered with you anyhow.

But then there are the people who really believe in the comment that they are leaving. I mean, after all, they put the effort into composing their thoughts, and put the energy into typing the words out. So why would they not want to be identified? Maybe I feel this way because I am a person that stands behind what I say, regardless of the reactions that it causes. That's not to say that I just spout off the first thing that comes to my head. I do have some control. But if I feel strongly about something, and create a comment about it, I recognize that it will not always be the most popular view, but it's mine none the less. Right? If I were to voice my opinion about hot topics like abortion or the death penalty or welfare reform, I would want to get credit for my own thoughts. So I just don't get the whole leaving an anonymous comment thing.

Another interesting thing about this....with technology today, regardless of anonymity, a person can be found out. Do people really think that they are anonomous on the internet? Cause I have found otherwise. I have a site meter on my blog. It tracks IP's and where people have been referred from. So I see where comments are coming from. All you really need to do is match the time of the comment with the referral, and viola! you have your commentor. So by claiming anonymity, all they really do is peak my interest and cause to me delve into it a little more.


Anonymous said...

see if you can guess who i am???? ha ha ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

only joking it's me .....evelyn,interesting reading

Nancy said...

you're silly Evelyn.....get yourself a blog so we can start harassing you too :)