Friday, February 24, 2006

The Poor Pizza Guy

I don't know what my child has against the pizza delivery guy. All of the sudden she thinks that he is a lazy guy who apprearently doesn't know how to do his job. So here is the scene as it unfolded at my house the other night....

Mom is on computer (I know shocker!)

Caitlyn is playing on the couch with her toy phone that she can call 911 with. See, I figured I wanted her to be successful in preschool so I would teach her the damn number. Well, the toy would teach it to her, I would just explain when she is allowed to call them from the real phone.

...this toy phone also calls other people, like the little boy down the street, the librarian, the teacher, and of course, the pizza guy.

I hear Caitlyn talking to a few of the fun people in the phone and she is having a grand time with it.

Then....the poor pizza guy picks up. And I hear my child scream in a voice that paralled that of Linda Blair as she is being overtaken by satan himself. And it's not so much the voice that frightened me. Don't get me wrong, it was bone chilling and horrifying, but what came out of her mouth is now seared on my brain forever.

Screaming...."Wake up ya fuckin pizza guy!!"

And over and over and over she screams this. Everynow and again she slams the phone down in disgust. But then she picks the receiver right back up and calls the guy again. Only to yell this disturbing sentence at him once again.

I say again....the vernacular in the house MUST change now!


a very tired mommy said...

omg....i'm pissing myself now.... lol

Kari said...

How disturbing is that Nancy! Did you ask her whats up? Why does she hate the pizza guy?

worry woman said...

She must have heard that word from one of the "bad" kids. Hahaha
Don't let her answer the door next time he comes! =)

Cath said...

OMG, maybe he gave her the wrong topping??!!!!!