Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Neglectful Blogger here

What a horrific month I have had.

Right before Christmas, I noticed some blotches on my skin. Thinking nothing of it, I rubbed some lotion on it and went about my business. The next day, I ended up with a sore back. Again, thinking nothing of it, I had assumed that it was from moving the new couch that was delivered. I even went for a massage on the 23rd thinking that I pulled a muscle. I always had loads of last minute crap to do so I figured I would get the massage and be able to go about my business.

Christmas Eve I wake up sobbing in pain. I tell Matt that he needs to put some sports cream on my back and give me a rub down so that I can finish up the last minute shoppping, wrap all of Caitlyn's gifts, and do all the fun night before Christmas stuff with my girl. As soon as Matt pulls up my shirt, we knew there was something more than a pulled muscle going on. He tells me that I have more of those spots on my back now.

I call my doctor because I immediately think that I know what it is. Shingles. I tell her I just need a pain reliever so that I can do the holiday thing and then I will see her right after Christmas. No such luck. She insists I go to the emergency room. (I had another medical issue going on at the same time, but won't be going into that at all.) Fucking Christmas Eve and the ER??? Are you kidding me??? But there is some light to this story. I was actually in and our of there in under an hour.
Doctor comes in. Pronounces that I am the proud new owner of shingles. Gives me an antiviral medication and some pain killers and sends me on my way. Why in and out in under an hour you ask? Well of course it is because shingles is airborn to those who have not had chicken pox. So luckily, I was considered to be highly contagious in their eyes and they didn't want me around any of their sick people.

So here we are about 3 weeks later and I am still in pain. Though not nearly as much as I was in when this little disease decided to first grace my door step. But it is still there none the less. I have been told that it takes 4-6 weeks for it to clear up. Cause I only have a mild to moderate case, otherwise it would take longer.


worry woman said...

YOU POOR THING!!! Did you have chicken pox when you were younger? Did Caitlyn get shots for chicken pox...I am guessing she didn't get chicken pox from you-or you would have posted it right? How did you get everything done? Ekkk. I was healthy and full of coffee/tea and I barely got all of my stuff done!
Glad to hear you are well and good to have you back!

a very tired mommy said...

i'm so sorry, girlie... :( i've missed you and our gaming terribly!

Cath said...

Sorry its taking so long to clear up Nancy!