Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The new couch comes today

After 7 years, we finally bit the bullet and went out and bought a new couch. The old one we had was pretty cheap and was literally falling apart. Having a 4 year old jumping on it didn't help matters out much. It was also much to small for the living room that we have now. It worked fine in the condo, but not in this house....nor did it match the walls I painted last year.

So we will see if the delivery guys actually show up in the "window" that they have given me.


Cath said...

Pictures please!

worry woman said...

Thanks for the sitemeter thing! I went to the end of your page the other day and walked myself through it! I still am being a bit "slow" because I have not read up on it and I don't get it...but oh well-we have more important things to worry about don't we? = )

THEY GAVE YOU A 1 HOUR WINDOW AND THATS IT??? Good Lord, if you want them early-they are late-if you want them early or on time-NEVER happens...to me anyway. Me and Murphy and all of his laws are TIGHT! He is with me EVERYWHERE I go. Even when I try to leave him home!

Sorry, I am wandering...I can't keep mine from jumping on the bed! I let her so I guess it IS my fault-but I say no so often, I mean what is a little harmless jumping on the bed right? There was that one time that she fell off and I laughed and sang the whole, "No more monkeys jumping on the bed!" And she was mad...I shouldn't have laughed-but I couldn't help it! Ya know what I mean? = )