Thursday, January 26, 2006

Pod People

I am starting to believe that they do in fact exist. You see, I believe this now becuase I think that my child is one of them. I have not come to this conclusion lightly. Yes, she has been abducted and in her place they have left me an obedient and compliant child.

She is eating anything that I put in front of her, and even asking for more food.

She is going to bed without any difficulties and not getting out of bed for any reasons after I have put her in there.

She is constantly wanting to snuggle and kiss and hug me.

At the end of her bath when I told her it was time to get out, she eagerly obliged and stood up without my having to beg and plead with her.

There is MINIMAL whinning going on in my house, which typically occurs every 7-9 minutes around our abode.

Yes all of these things are wonderful. But they are not the norm for Caitlyn.

Where is my child???? What have they done with the obstinate being that I have grown so very accustomed to???? Man I hope she is ok and happy wherever she is, because honestly, I think I want to keep the one that I have now.


Jennifer said...

Hello! I found your site through julie's blog.
I came here because I too had HELLP. I'm so glad to see your beautiful daughter after all she went though.
I look forward to reading more!

Cath said...

Can you get her to have a word with my son then please!
Awesome job Nance!

Nancy said...

I'll tell her to have a word Cath, but like I said, it's not really her. But hopefully this one will be able to convince Corey ;)

Nancy said...

Hi Jennifer. Glad you found me, but sorry it was because of HELLP. Enjoy my ramblings.

worry woman said...

Is she back yet-or do you still have the "pod" Catitlyn? I never got a "pod" Maxine...I am waiting though.