Sunday, January 15, 2006

Dad's Blood Pressure

It's funny to me to think about how much kids observe, but don't let on to how much they really know. By this I mean, how much they really know about what is going on in mom and dad's lives. Despite our best efforts to keep ugliness away from them, they pick up on it. Either by the tones of our voices, or the little things they hear us say. But none the less, we, as parents, believe that we are hiding things from them. When in fact, they are picking up on more than we could ever imagine.

Matt was gone yesterday from early in the morning until 2am this morning. So Caitlyn didn't see him all day. Now typically, I don't think much about how much she is missing him, as usually she won't even bat an eyelash about where he is. She just assumes that he is at work. And if she doubts me, all I have to do is find a football game on TV and she is convinced that he is in fact working.

When I was putting Caitlyn to bed, she started to cry. Here is the conversation that ensued....

N: What's the matter baby?

C: When is Daddy coming home?

N: He will be home soon sweetie. And when he does get home, I will have him come in and give you some lovin.

C: But what if he didn't eat dinner mommy?

N: I am sure he ate at work.

C: But if he doesn't eat dinner, his blood pressure will go low. And he doesnt' have any peanut butter to eat to make him better.

.....side note: Matt is a diabetic. What she was attempting to refer to is that his blood sugar will go low if he hasnt' eaten dinner. When we are at home and he starts to drop, I typically give him a PB&J sandwich or simply hand him the peanut butter jar to take a few spoonfuls of. Always does the trick

N: I promise you baby, he ate while he was at work and he will be just fine.

C: Make sure that Daddy wakes me up when he gets home mommy.

This to me is so amazing. First of all that she has listened when I say to Matt, "are you going low?" or "have you eaten dinner?" or "I think you need to test." And the fact that she knows how to fix it!! There are times that he has gone low when he is home alone with her. And he has always had sense enough to call me or someone in the family to walk him through how to make it better. And there have been times where I have worried that it could happen and he could pass out and then what? So it puts my mind at ease a little bit that Caitlyn would in fact know how to help her Daddy should she notice that he is going low. She has said to me at times when we are home that she thinks he is low. And usually she is right on the money.

....side note again: Matt's behavior changes so dramatically that it is hard for anyone who knows him to NOT know that he is going low.

The second thing that is amazing to me, is just how empathetic my little girl is. I am so awed by the fact that she cares so much about her Daddy. This is not to say that I didn't know that she loved him, because of course I know that. But for her, at only 4 years old, to be so concerned about his well being is amazing to me. It basically lets me know just what kind of adult my little girl will grow up to be, and it is a person that I know I can, and will, be proud of :)


Kari said...

what a sweet, caring little girl you are raising. I just want to give her a big hug and kiss!

worry woman said... sweet is she! Mine says, "Mom, don't forget to take your medicine so you don't have a heart attack!" But what she means is seizure! Maybe she would have the heart attact if she saw me have one!
That is so teriffic that she would know how to take care of her daddy. You must be proud-espically when you never told her! again all I want to say is AAWWWWW!

Nancy said...

It's true that I have never really talked to her about the whole situation. So I am thinking that I should now that I know that she is so very aware of it.

Matt also suffers from seizures, though they seem to be brought on by alcohol consumption. Drinking raising the blood sugar, then breaking down very quickly and causing him to go low...way low. Though when I tell the docs that the seizures only occur after drinking, they bawk at me. Because what the hell would I know withough any fancy letters after my last name????