Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Birthday Party

Well, birthday party number 4 has come and gone and a grand time was had by the Princess herself. She was so excited about having a birthday party and everyone coming to praise her LOL. Of course it was a Disney Princess Party. Caitlyn got so many wonderful gifts and she loves them all. It was nice to actually get a really good variety of gifts. Not too many toys, not too many clothes. She got a ton of pajamas that can double as dress up clothes, so she loved those. She also got "real makeup" from Stephanie, which has been a huge hit and I have had to clean off wax like purple paint from her face every night...as well as my own.

Stephanie came in from Indiana for the night Saturday to attend the party on Sunday. Naturally she had the babes with her and Collin too. Boy oh boy...I know why she is so tired at the end of her days now...LOL

So the cake was a HUGE success. Yes, I ordered a full sheet. Why you ask? Well, because I am stupid of course. At least that is the only logical explanation that I can come up with at this point in time. See, in my own head, I imagined the size of a full sheet to be what is in reality a half sheet. So needless to say, there was plenty of cake to go around...a couple of times actually. Surprisingly enough, it was all taken away by the time the last guest departed. What they chose to do with it once they arrived home I could care less. But I could not bear to throw any of it out.

So now my child is 4 and I am awe struck with this concept. I can not believe that 4 years have passed since that fateful night at Christ hospital. Though I am thankful that she is here to celebrate this 4th birthday, it is so hard to believe that she was once so ill and fragile. It is funny now how I go into her story less and less with people. Occasionally we get the questions about why she is so skinny, but for the most part, people look at her and see a typical 4 year old. And that it what brings tears to my eyes more than anything. I never would have imagined her to be seen as typical 4 years ago. But here we are and on we go.

Enough of the blah blah blah...here are some pics of the princess's celebration and her humoungous cake!

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