Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Adventures with Play Doh

Let me start by saying that Matt has returned home from a trip to Arkansas. So after being a single parent for 3 days, I am ready to hand her over to him upon his re-entry into the house. Of course, this never works out. Of course, I have a mommy's girl. So even though he is home, it is as though I am a single parent. However, today is different. She has missed him something terrible over the last few days, so she wants him to play with her nonstop. As they are sitting in the living room playing, and I sit my ass at the computer (odd as that may sound)I enjoy listening to the conversations that they have with each other.

Someone bought Caitlyn Play Doh for her birthday. Now I do not mind this gift at all, as all of us with preemies know how fabulous it can be for improving sensory issues. So she and Daddy are playing with the dough and making all sorts of animals. Then they begin making finger prints and such. Matt teaches her to make finger prints, elbow prints, foot get the picture. I then hear Caitlyn telling Matt that he can't do that because it is dangerous. Now, I try to think of what he could have possibly done with play doh that could be considered dangerous. When I ask what the problem is, I am clearly told.

"Daddy made my eye print. And he can't put play doh on my eye because I could get hurt. It is dangerous right Mommy?"

So I then have to tell her that she is correct. Logically speaking, if she gets the stuff in her eye, it could absolutely be dangerous. Chances of that happening, slim to none. Oh but wait a minute, I forgot that this is me that we are talking about. If there is a possiblility of it happening, then it more than likely will.

Moral of the not make eye prints with play doh!

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Preemie Mum said...

Another good one to avoid is ear-plugs!! The Docs get fed up of removing them!!!