Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Newest Trick

I hear Caitlyn walking down the stairs after I put her to bed. From the dining room, I yell,

"Caitlyn you need to go to sleep. It is late."

C: "Mommy I have to show you something."

N: "You can show me in the morning. Go back to bed."

C: "Please just come and look Mommy."

N: (thinking something is wrong I go over to the stairs in the living room) "What do you need to show me?"

C: "Look what I can do."

It is at this point that she proceeds to stick her entire fist in her mouth.

Now, what I want to ask her, is how in the hell long was she up there trying to do that? And more importantly, WHY?????? What I do say,

N: "That's great. Now please go get some sleep."

She was in bed for almost an hour. Which leads me to believe that the entire hour was spent perfecting this little trick.

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