Saturday, June 23, 2007


In the land of the internet, most of us are aware that OMG represents "Oh my God." I think many of us have also seen the commercials in which the actors speak in these acronyms. A cell phone commercial comes to my mind in which the mother and daughter are having a conversation regarding the phone bill and they are only speaking to each other using such acronyms.

The other day Caitlyn was enjoying a snack at the living room table whilst watching a little Spongebob. (A good time for any 6 year old.) A commercial comes on and I hear:

"Oh Emm Gee!!!"

Yes, she said the letters. Just like that. I thought I misheard. I asked her what she said.

"Oh Emm Gee means oh my God mom."

Well, I know this,but how in the hell does she?????

1 comment:

Kari said...

Too stinking funny! I bet she learned it from school! Ya think?
But please tell her to stop growing up so fast!