Wednesday, June 20, 2007

6 Years Ago Today

6 years ago around this time, things were in full swing. We had already received the news that Caitlyn would be born within the next 48 hours. Little did we know that we only had about 12 hours before my health would take a drastic turn for the worse and the girl would make her grand entrance.

6 years ago, our world was about to change. We had gone to the hospital really thinking that there was nothing very wrong with me or with the pregnancy. And we were actually making dinner plans which consisted of stopping off at Hooters on the way home.

6 years ago I was in a complete fog about what the doctors were telling me. I had never imagined a baby so early could be born. I truly thought it would still be considered a miscarriage.

6 years ago I was convinced that my baby would probably die. That it was a "her or me" situation. She proved me wrong that night...and proved a whole slew of others wrong as well.

6 years later, I am here with an amazing little girl. A little girl who has beaten all of the odds. A little girl that I couldn't love more.

Happpy birthday my sweet girl! I love you!


Kari said...

Its amazing what God, time and lots of love can do! Happy Birthday Caitlyn! Hope your memories are only sweet today Nancy!

I am just the mother said...

Happy belated Birthday Miss Caitlin!!