Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Birthday Party and Fifths Disease

What could these two things possible have in common you may ask?? Well the answer is simple child. A little something known as the Walsh Curse. Matt's family jokes about it all the time. If it could possibly happen, it will happen to them. So far this theory has proven to be true on many different occasions here in our house.

Caitlyn woke up on Sunday and was anxiously awaiting the 1:30 mark when we could leave the house and get to Caesarland. Shortly after she woke up, I noticed that her cheeks were a bit red. I didn't think much of it, it's way hot out and she had just woken up so she could have been sleeping funny. She has been known to do that. Unfortunately, I became a bit more worried a couple of hours later when her arms were terribly speckly. The bumps were not raised, nor did she have a fever, and she kept telling me she felt perfectly fine. And she did seem perfectly fine. So I figured she had some kind of a reaction to something she ate in the last couple of days. Nothing a little Benadryl can't handle right?

I give her the Benadryl and off to the party we go. Which was a huge success and a good time was had by all. Well, by anyone who is under the age of 10 that is.

The Disney Store was having a giant would seem the majority of her gifts came from there. All in all she got some
really nice things.

Then came the morning after. When I woke her up, she was spotted from head to toe. Still no fever, still feeling fine, still just red marks that weren't raised. After a quick Internet search on childhood rashes, it was blatantly obvious to me that she in fact did have Fifths Disease. Which essentially is no disease at all, just your average run of the mill rash. Highly contagious of course....but only prior to the rash appearing. You know, when you have no idea that you are placing other children at risk of catching this terrible looking rash.

Fortunately, as of today, the spots are pretty much gone completely. Left as quickly as they came. And Caitlyn couldn't be happier about that. I think she was starting to get a little self conscious about people looking at her while we were out and about. Even I was a little stunned by that. But I guess, after seeing the pictures, I probably would have made a human body shield for my child if I saw another child walking through the mall with spots like that as well.

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