Friday, May 11, 2007

Tutti's Prom

I forgot to post some of these.

Tutti had her prom on the 27th. And I think I can officially say that she was absolutely stunning. STUNNING!! She had her hair and make up done professionally and it came out beautiful. And her dress! Purely Cinderella fashion. I loved how all of the girls that she went with had on such brightly colored dresses.

Tutti and Mike

The entire group

Tutti in her true form

And of course Cate had to get in some of the pictures (thank you Auntie Mary or my cool Watermelon raincoat!)


Caitlin said...

Oh! What a princess dress I love it, especially all that tulle and the flowers on the bust. Lovely and she's a very pretty girl.

Angela said...

Stunning! The entire crew should be in magazines -- seriously!!