Friday, May 25, 2007

She Did It!!!

Tutti finally graduated :) Last night was the ceremony. She graduated from Guerin Prep, formerly Mother Guerin. Same school that I graduated from, so it was nice to ssit through another graduation ceremony there.

Besides it's name, a whole lot has changed at Mother Guerin since I graduated in 1992. For starters, there are the boys from Holy Cross there now. There are no more plaid uniform skirts with neatly collared shirts. The graduating class of both genders was less than the number of girls that I graduated with some 15 (yikes!) years ago. And most importantly, the tuition is much higher, upwards of $4000.00 higher!

There were also River Grove policemen on the scene. And not just in the parking lots to control the unruly graduates or on the street to direct the floods of traffic. They were in the auditorium. Every single time people hooted and hollered a bit too loud for their liking, they were escorted out of the graduation. One parent was a lunatic because she thought she should be allowed to celebrate loudly that her daughter graduated....and she and her husband are now near $24,000 poorer. I have to say I agree with her a little bit.

But all in all it was a fantastic event. Tutti did not have an easy time with high school. Those years that people always say are some of the best of their lives, well let's just say that wasn't the case for Tutti. So to see her forge ahead through all of the shit storms that followed her the past 4 years is truly wonderful. Not to mention the fact that she is the first in a long (long) line of children in that part of my family to actually graduate.

Her and Mom, who has raised her pretty much since infancy and has managed to put her through Geurin pretty much all on her own.

Tutti and Bobby, who thinks of her as another little sister.

Tutti and Matt, who has never resented her for monopolizing so much of our dating life.

Me and Tutti, who I love as if she were my own child. (side note...notice the straight hair and no bangs)

Tutti and Mike, the boyfriend, who we all have very different feeling about.

The entire family

And there is a special picture...but it certainly deserves a post all on it's own. I will get to that this is priceless.

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