Monday, May 21, 2007

Mother's Day

I know I am a little (or a lot) late posting about Mother's Day. Sue me.

It was a wonderful day! And Caitlyn is really in to holidays and special occasions now. So she was all geared up and ready to give me my gifts the minute my eyes popped open.

She had breakfast with me, which Daddy went to get. I refuse to go out for breakfast on this day. It is way too crowded, and by the time I wake up, the wait for a table is way too long for my growling belly.

After eating, Caitlyn presented me with all of my goodies. And goodies they were.

The first was a card that she made. The picture is of her and I on her first day of school. That hair of mine....gone.

The second was also a card. Which I find just too damned cute!

The third was a plate that was made at school. Although I love the plate, it certainly doesn't make me like the teacher anymore.

And of course, a Shrek baby. I am not exactly sure why, but she insisted that Tutti take her to Build A Bear for this little guy. And she decided that even though he is a boy, he should be dressed in a $15.00 Tinkerbell costume. I think she wanted one, and my day was just a good excuse for her to get one.

And this my friends is the one that brought tears to my eyes. It is certainly the keeper of the group. I love that my daughter knows so much about me. I will translate some of them as a few aren't as obvious to people outside of the Walsh household.

1. My Mom's name is Nace (Nancy)
2. My Mom's eyes are green.
3. My Mom's hair is red.
4. My Mom is 18 years old. (I have a new reason to love this kid)
5. My Mom's favorite color is green.
6. My Mom likes to eat salid (salad).
7. My Mom likes to wear shoos (shoes). (Who doesn't really?)
8. My Mom likes to play on the kompdr (computer). (Thinking I spend too much time here)
9. My Mom likes to cook ham
10. My Mom's favorite store is Targit (Target).
11. My Mom's favorite restaurant is Fakis Fil (Franksville). (Hot dog joint near the house)
12. My Mom drives a van.
13. My Mom doessn't like ??? (She tells me it's weeds???? I so don't garden.)
14. I love my Mom because (no answer...should I be concerned????)

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Shelley said...

I had wet eyes seeing all the cute gifts Cate made you! Hope you had a wonderful day Nance - You have a beautiful daughter.