Monday, May 28, 2007

Here's the picture I mentioned

The girls wore white caps and gowns. The boys wore blue caps and gowns. Nice and uniform. The only thing different on each girl, besides the obvious of honors sashes, were the shoes that they were wearing. And many girls were wearing some shocking shoes. And I don't mean shocking as though they were outrageous. I mean shocking like the were bright colors. Which was fun to look at as they walked across the stage.

Nice and uniform....until they took off the gowns and I witnessed this little get up

Now, I know that I am by no means a fashionista. Hell, I might even still be rolling the bottoms of my pant legs if people would let me. But we are talking about a child who's parent's have just spent close to $30,000 on an education for her (after books, fees, and uniforms). And this is what she wears to what is supposed to be a respectful event????

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I am just the mother said...

Maybe after paying tuition they couldnt afford clothes? :)