Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Sick sick people on this planet

Since adding this sitemeter to this blog, I am oftren unnerved by what people google. I won't go into details about that, since that's not what this entry is about. But believe me, some of the things are freakish. And what's worse is that the words they are searching I have actually typed in here somewhere.

But I digress.

Today my friend Shelley discovered by chance that some sick fuck is using pictures of her truly adorable son Jacob and passing them off as photos of her own child. Now, Jacob is a preemie, a 25 weeker like Caitlyn. And what amazes me, besides the fact that she has taken these images, is that she wants peolpe to believe that she is currently going through the hell of having a micro preemie. She is saying that her sons (twins) are 23 weekers. See it's this whole preemier than thou issue, hers must be older. Despite the fact that they aren't even her kids. I find it so hard to believe that anyone would want sympathy, or empathy, based solely on the fact that their child is so gravely ill that he may die???? Anyone who has had a preemie would never wish that experience of the NICU on their worst enemies. (well maybe their worst, but no one else I assure you) The idea that she is glorifying and trying to capitalize on people's emotions based on an ill child is truly inconcievable to me. When you have a child as sick as a 25 weeker, you want nothing more than normalcy. Is that true for the opposite as well? That when you have a healthy baby, you want nothing more than the "fame" of having a 25 weeker??? My gut tells me no.

So here are the pics that she is posting. The first is Shelley's son Jacob and the second...well I have no idea who that baby is. If you recognize it, alert the mother that she is claiming this child to be her own!

Sick sick people in this world!


worry woman said...

First, How do you get a site meter and what do they do???

And to the rest of this...WHAT??? Someone is trying to claim Shellys son as her own??? Can you get her IP address and get her in trouble? I hope so, that is too freaky.

I was lucky that my baby DIDN'T WANT TO COME OUT! I was 40 weeks pregnant before they decided to induce me so she would come out. Mind you, a freaky thing, in 1908, my dad's mom was born...in the 7th month of my great grandmas pregenacy. She weighed a pound and a half and her older sisters and mom took care of her and made her doll clothes...and she made it way back then. I think that if it was meant to be...it was. Now mind you I just think that this is an amazing story about my grandma. I didn't have to go through the fear of having a baby that was so small. God Bless you and your "Not so little one" now!

Cath said...

I was just posting about the same on my blog. Makes me feel physically sick!