Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I love my job, I love my job, I love my job......

So one of the duties of my job is to do after school classes or trainings for school districts. So there is one district in particular, they have no interest in Assistive Technology whatsoever. And the worst part about it is that they are the people that need it the most...doesn't it always work that way.

So I go to this school (which will remain unnamed as I have heard of people losing their jobs because of things they have placed on their blogs) to do an inservice of an overview of assistive technology. Mind you, much of the preparation has really already been done since I have done it far too many times that I care to count. But I typicallly personalize it for that district; what kinds of students they work with, staff's abilities with technology, and what is already in the district that they have to work with. So there is some planning and prep time that is involved in it, all be it minimal.

Inservice is slated to begin at 3:00. Which means teachers will get there by 3:07. As I sit here and write this now, it is nearing 3:30....NO ONE has come. It's almost as though I threw a party and no one decided to be there. At first I felt guilty, but hey, I get paid regardless. And when you as a teacher can't provide what a student needs and the parents come marching into the next IEP with lawyers and advocates they better not come crying to me...cause I offered and they didn't take me up on it. I have even had the secretary make an announcement that I am sitting in here,....still no takers!

So I will sit here until I am supposed to. All by myself. And just keep reminding myself that I really do love my job.

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worry woman said...

OH NO!!! Those a-holes! My sister is a teacher-she teaches computers to the kids. I hear the same stuff from her...PLUS they do not listen to her when she tells the staff that the kids just keep screwing she gave out bad marks last year hoping to open some eyes...but guess what happened...SHE GOT YELLED AT BY PERENTS AND THE PRINCIPAL!!! I think she needs a new job!
Nancy, ARE YOU COLD? Good Lord I saw Chicago on the news this morning...the wind is the WORST!
Anyway, this is where I self taught my self (along with a book on HTML) how to do a banner on my blog. This girl really helped me-also, she has some great illistrations!