Wednesday, September 14, 2005

What job should you really be doing?

Took this right off of Cath's Blog

What Job Should You Really Be Doing?

Here's the answer it gives me with my married name....
Nancy Walsh, Your ideal job is a drag queen.

And for the maiden name....
Nancy Chirempes, Your ideal job is a Heavyweight Boxer.

Hmmmmmm....I am thinking a career change may be in order.

But on the flip side, if I put in Caitlyn's name with her middle name, she has the best job of all...
Caitlyn Mackenzie Walsh, Your ideal job is a God for everyone.
I always knew this child was destined for greatness, I just never imagined it to that extent.


Shelley said...

Shelley , Your ideal job is a Dog Walker bwahahahah

Cath said...

I am of course a Princess!!! But you knew that Caitlyn was God of everything right??!!