Monday, September 12, 2005

Tomorrow is the big day

My wee one is starting PreK tomorrow. Makes me a little sad, yet I am happy that she is going. I get to go with her tomorrow. They have the kids come in groups MOnday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, with the parents. And then on Thursday, the kids are finally all brought together as a group....without parents. I am pretty certain that Caitlyn will be dandy while she is there. Though, she could always turn on a dime and flip out for all we know. So I have been prepping her all last week that she is starting school at the "big girl school" on Tuesday.

My baby is getting bigger and bigger and bigger. I actually bought her size 4T pants that don't fall off of her when she walks. And I bought her some new shirts and they were size.....5!!!!! Is it possible that this child's growth is actually catching up to her age??

Now on to the real dilemma at hand....what is she going to wear tomorrow and Thursday so that she is just the cutest kid in the classroom ROFL!!!


worry woman said...

I cried when Maxine went to school, Then I did it AGAIN when I went to meet the teacher-who must still think I am a moron. I kept my shit together this year though. First grade! Whoo-hoo! It is still so hard. My girl was a BIG baby, but I can't find clothes to fit her skinny ass these days! If I can't find pants with elastic waists, I don't even bother. She is tall and if they fit in the waist-the pants are too short...I am sure you know this yourself though don't you?!

DON"T FORGET THE CAMERA AND KLEENEX TOMORROW!!!! Good luck! She WILL be the cutest in the class!

a very tired mommy said...

too funny....good luck tomorrow, miss Cate! :D

Cath said...

She could wear anything Nance and still be the cutest kid in the class! Hope all went well. Hugs!