Tuesday, September 13, 2005

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Caitlyn had a wonderful first day of school.  She didn't sleep well last night cause she was so excited.  So waking her up this morning was no treat.  But once up and going, she was rearing to go!

Parents are encouraged to stay with the kids the first day, so it was really crowded in the room.  Caitlyn, being who she is, would have done fine if I wasn't there at all.  Seemed all she wanted to do was include me in the activities that they were doing and I had to keep telling her to just play with her friends and listen to the teacher.  She did everything that they told her to do and got in the swing of the routine very quickly.  She played in the sand table, on the computer, and "wrote" in her journal.  Which the journal writing thing I think is a very cool idea and may have to pass it along to some of the Early Childhood teachers that I know. 

They also have a program to encourage reading to your children.  The fact that a program has to be in place for this is something that I truly don't understand.  Reading to Caitlyn has been part of our day since she was in the NICU.Before she could even open her eyes, we were reading to her in her isolette.  So they give the kids a book from their library every day and it is supposed to be read to them.  Then the parent fills out a form to send back to school.  The teacher and aide will ask the child to tell them about the book the next day.  The only interferrence this is really going to have in our lives is that Caitlyn will probably be irritated that she can't pick out one of her own books to be read to her at night.  So essentially, I know that I am now going to be reading more than one book at bedtime with this child. 

She keeps telling people that she got "homework" because she has this library book in her backpack now.  And she is terribly excited about that fact.  Give her a couple years and she will be pissed off when she has to carry books home in her backpack.  But for now, I am letting her enjoy the hell out of it :)

And for the wardrobe for the day, Caitlyn chose to wear the rainbow sundress.  Which is one of my favorites so all was well...and she was one of the cutest kids in the class if I do say so myself ( not that I am biased or anthing).


Anonymous said...
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Cath said...

Totally gorgeous and so co-ordinated!
Glad she had a fab day! We are avid book readers here too and Corey loves books :)