Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's not getting any better

The situation with the teacher that is. Truly, I think we are now at the point where she is just out to punish me, which directly correlates to punishing my child. Which in turn, directly correlates to me being a really pissed off mother.

Now we all know how things went with the snack issue. Well, I haven't pursued it any further. Partly because when I really think about it, it isn't directly effecting Caitlyn. It is more so my own pride that has been getting in the way. So I figured I would suck it up and just send the damned fresh fruits and vegetables after all. It's not difficult for me to do so I will just suck it up and do it.

Until the two instances that occurred in the past week.

Some history, we all know that Caitlyn is a fantastic reader. I recently told her that from now on, she will be reading more chapter books and fewer easier books. And by chapter books, I mean chapters that are about 4 pages long. I just want her to get in the habit of reading things that are a little tougher for her. For every 2 chapter books she reads, she can read any 2 books that are easy that she wants. I figure it's a good compromise. Secondly, the school issues library cards for the Chicago Public Library. They send home these elaborate letters about how we should encourage our child to use the library, take out books, learn how to look for books, etc. Being the good mother that I am (usually) I follow this and traipse her over to the library to take out books. We have actually been doing it since last year and the girl loves it. So I tell her to take Gus the Greedy Puppy to school so she can finish it during silent reading.

Caitlyn obliges and takes the book out when the teacher announces that it is time for silent reading. She takes the book up to the teacher and tells her that she got it from the library and she was going to finish reading it. No what the teacher's response was? No, you have to read a book from the classroom library.


I was going to confront the teacher, then thought better of it. This bitch is digging her own grave with me. No doubt about it. First of all, anytime a kid shows interest in reading, you allow them to read. Secondly, who really gives a shit where the book came from? It's not like I sent her to school with Playboy or anything. I wouldn't do that until at least 4th grade :)

Then yesterday happened. Again, a bit of history. Caitlyn came home last week and told me not to send her water bottle to school with her. See we get another elaborate note from school every year about how kids need water to learn. When they are hydrated, they are more alert, etc. Again, I follow the directions. I asked Cate why she didn't want it sent and she said the teacher told the class that there are too many bathroom "emergencies." So Cate was worried that if she had the water bottle, she would have to go to the bathroom. Well sure she will, it's the natural progression of things right?

So she comes home yesterday and it turns out she had an accident. A pee accident. The way Caitlyn tells it, they didn't get a bathroom break during lunch. Which is at 11:30. Nor did they go in the afternoon at all. Caitlyn asked at one point to go to the bathroom and was allowed to go. A little later the teacher went on a tirade about the "emergencies" again and after Cate went to the bathroom she said no one else was going. Again.....WTF???? REALLY???? Maybe if you took them to the bathroom at regular intervals throughout the day, these kids wouldn't have to ask you to go on an individual basis. But I digress.

Around 2:15, Caitlyn had to go to the bathroom. Badly. It was an emergency. She heard the teacher earlier, so she was afraid to ask. She relieved herself a bit in her pants. Probably enough to release the pressure that was building in the poor child's bladder. She told her teacher she had a small accident, who then said ok and sent her to the office. The office sent her back to class as they don't have a change of clothes for her. Nor does her teacher. See normally, my kid, like other 7 year olds, don't have accidents when they are allowed to go to the bathroom, so there was no need to send in a change of clothes. Caitlyn sat in the damp pants until she got to my mom's house around 2:50. Where she proceeded to break down into hysteria because she was so upset that she had an accident.

This morning, I told my daughter if she ever felt like she really had to go like that again and the teacher says no, that she is to leave that damn classroom and go to the bathroom. I certainly don't want my daughter suffering from a UTI, bladder infection, etc because this bitch won't take her class to the bathroom.

I haven't yet figured out what I am going to do. I don't know what to do. All I know is, this woman is in a serious power struggle with me and she is taking it out on my kid. and I am not having any of it. I want to see what happens after school today. Because of course, I sent her to school with a Junie B Jones book that certainly didn't come from the classroom library. If she even utters a syllable of disgust, this woman is going to feel my wrath. I have to talk to Matt about what we are going to do, because I think things are progressing to a point that indicates that they are only going to get significantly worse.

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MeghatronsMom said...

OMG! The book thing, I guess, I could let go once more. BUT the bathroom thing? NO WAY, NO DAY! I would go to the principal immediately with that one. I would let her know what happened, how your child is afraid, etc. This does not promote an environment conducive to learning. I would also follow up the meeting with the principal, with a letter & CC it to the director of the principals in your district as well as the school board. Little girls can get UTIs so easily, especially for holding it & sitting in wet panties! UGH! Keep us updated & let us know what happens. GL!