Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Long Time no Blog!

I've been busy. With the end of the school year for me, things get crazy. I am also nearing the end of the 2 classes that I am taking, so I am finishing up a few projects that are due. Things have been really busy with the end of Caitlyn's school year as well. She finished up her dance class and had her recital, finished up Brownies and had her awards ceremony, and will be finishing up school this week.

Second grade folks!! Where in the world have the last 2 years gone?? I can NOT believe that she is going to be starting second grade. Almost surreal to think. Finishing up first grade also means turning 7 shortly thereafter. 7!!! S.E.V.E.N!!! That's insane. I really don't know when she managed to get so old.

Naturally, with her birthday approaching, there is always much reflecting that goes into the weeks surrounding her birthday. I am working on her birth story as it occurred to me that I have never written it here. So I am finishing that up, and I will warn you, it really is so much longer than I had wanted to it be.

Hopefully I will get some pics of the recital up here soon and the pics of her in her brownies get up.

WOOOOHOOOO school is out and the warm weather has arrived :)

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a very tired mommy said...

so hard to believe that she would even be close to seven years or second grade. impossible!

hope you're enjoying your summer so far!