Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Another Tooth is Gone

Number 6. And of those 6, only 2 have actually grown back.

Caitlyn came into my room on Monday morning at 3:30 hollering for me. I truly thought she was bleeding profusely, she was so hysterical. Turns out she woke up to go to the bathroom. While on the toilet, she tried to wiggle her loose tooth with her tongue, and the tooth popped off and got stuck on her tongue. Sounds funny, I know. But what else should she be doing when she is on the potty at 3:30 in the morning but wiggling her loose tooth? When she finally got it unstuck, that's when she hollered for me.

I told her that it was too late for the tooth fairy to come now and that we would put the tooth under her pillow that night. Mainly because my lazy ass wasn't looking for the tooth fairy pillow and waiting for her to go back to sleep so that I could put money in it.

About these teeth that haven't grown in, it's the oddest thing really. The dentist tells me that as long as they are under the gums there is no need to worry. He said that they could possibly take a year or more to come in. She lost one front tooth in June and the other in August. So we are approaching that year mark soon. But the interesting thing is that they are breaking through her gums, just not where you would expect them too. They are coming through on the top. It's kind of hard to explain, I will try to get a picture up here soon. Needless to say, I am almost certain that this kid is going to need braces. Her mouth just looks way too jacked up not to need them. Time will tell. We have our 6 month visit to Dr. Mike coming soon, and Caitlyn has to have xrays done. So that will be helpful in telling us what in the world is going on.

Matt is healing nicely. He is very itch from his brazilian because it is starting to grow back in now. Hopefully he will be back t normal in a few days.

And finally.....the countdown begins.....22 days of school left for me. WOOT!!!! I may do about 5 or 6 days of summer school, but that is it. This will be one of the first summers that I actually have the entire summer off. It really makes the countdown that much more meaningful for me :)

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