Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Child Proof my ASS!!!

Caitlyn loves using scissors. She will cut just about anything that she can get her little fingers on. So we have had the discussion on more than one ocassion about what she is allowed to cut.....paper only. And we haven't had this conversation because she doesn't abide by this rule. It is only because I want to make sure that it is always fresh in her memory when she picks the things up.

Last night, she took her scissors up to her room. And came back down with her doll....her now almost bald doll. So I didn't ream her out, because really where is the harm in a little hair cutting of the doll that is.

She goes back up with the scissors. A few minutes later I hear her crying. I run up there, and she is screaming that she cut herself with her scissors. I assume it's Caitlyn being the drama queen that we all know that she can be. She shows me her hand and sure as shit, she really did cut herself. Right between her thumb and index finger, you know, that little floppy piece of skin.

So beware, those little scissors with the rounded egdes...not so child proof in my book.


Cath said...

I thought you were gonna say she'd cut her own hair!
Hope she's ok!

worry woman said...

Geeze, getting cut with those is like getting hacked open with a butter knife too! Eekk! Hope she was okay!
How can anyone really child proff scissors anyway if you think about it though...I run with scissors. I need that tee-shirt, they need to adult proof them for ME!