Saturday, April 15, 2006

Only in my world

Yesterday I went shopping for all of the goodies for the Easter Basket for the girl and the cousins. I also picked up the little box of Paas tablets to color the eggs. That event was scheduled for tonight. At 8 o'clock to be exact.

I was right on schedule. House cleaned, dinner eaten, ready to color eggs.

Matt opens the box.....the sealed's fucking empty. Nothing in it! Not one single little tablet.

Off to the store he went to get a new one, and of course he comes home with one that is far more complicated involving stickers and springs, suction cups and hats for the eggs. I will post pics of them at some point, cute, but a pain in the ass none the less.

Here's some Caitlyese for the day...

Before bed she asked me,

"Mommy can you get on the computer to find the Easter Bunny's schedule to see if he is heading to my house right now."

Love this immediate gratification generation. We had no idea when the damn bunny or santa was showing up when we were kids. Our parents probably put our asses to bed at 6:30 because they told us these characters wouldn't come until we were fast asleep. And there was no way for us to check up on that, we just had to believe them.


worry woman said...

Oh no...Sorry about your disaster…
I went to CVS and they had this cheep 1.99 thing with the tablets AND cups!!! Plus, I knew the tablets were in there because I could see right inside! ALSO, color coordinated cups! I mean I was in HEAVEN I tell you! I kept the damn cups for next year in case I cant find these again…or more likely, I will just misplace these, and it will take me hours to find them!
My daughter asked me if the Easter bunny was going to be bringing her an Easter card and should she leave him one…at 9:00 at night. DAMN if I forgot to get a card!!! I told her he was pretty busy and didn’t always get cards…I will try not to forget next year!
My parents were JUST like yours..."Go to bed or the Easter bunny won't even come to this house!!!" Funny how kids are today.
So did you get online and check??? =) Have you gone to get your pizza yet?
Oh, and I am on Topamax now...this medicine kinda sucks...tell Matt NOT to go on it! =) I am crankier than ever!

Kari said...

Ive been meaning to comment on this forever! I love the comment about the internet and the easter bunny. Ive told lots of people! What cute girl you have!