Wednesday, November 16, 2005

She is wise beyond her years

It is funny to me at times how kids are just so literal. They pretty much take everything that you say to them at face value. Which I suppose isn't always a bad thing. Sometimes maybe we as adults look too deep for the meaning, when the kid sees it clearly for what it is.

Caitlyn has somewhat of an "outie" belly button, what it known around our house as her "nubby button." This little appendage of hers is the beautiful result of being bron so early and having so many wires attached to it. I often tell people that it looks like the knuckle of a finger LOL.

So we are on the couch and I am pulling at the nubby button and tickling her, resulting in her squealing. She then asks to ssee my nubby button, which really isn't a button at all as it is an inny. She looks at it confused, pokes at it, and says, "how come I can't push yours in like we can push mine in?" Now not wanting to give this child a load of medical terminology about lines and IVs, I take a few seconds to ponder what I should tell her. When she so graciously figures out the answer on her own...

"I know why yours is different from mine mom. It is because all people are made different, but we still love them."

Better than ANY answer I could have come up with to give her.

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Matthew said...

My wife was born 3+ months premature and she has the same outie belly button.

She has always been self conscious even though she had really flat abs. Now that she's had twins, she's wishing she'd shown that tummy off a little more!

Good for Caitlyn for figuring it out!