Thursday, November 10, 2005

Caught in the act

I have debated for a few days now on whether or not to blog this incident. However, Shawnee has given me the courage and strength to know that I can. Actually, after reading her incident, I know that nothing I post here could be nearly as horrific as that. As a sidenote, I must tell you Shawnee that I about pissed my pants reading that entry, though I do feel for you, know that it is a fabulous story.

As a child, whenever there was mention of your parents having sex, remember how uncomfortable that made you feel? As an adult, it may still. But so many people have that one very vivid memory of walking in on their parents having sex. Now when they are too young to know what is actually happening, it isn't so horrible. But it's when you know that the image of it has been seared onto their brain that you worry about their psychological future. By now, I am sure you know where this is going, but I will continue anyway because it is not the fact that we were "caught" rather than what my child's reaction was.

Tuesday afternoon, I approach my darling husband with the idea of a quickie, mid afternoon, while the girl is quietly enjoying some Mini Oreos and a cartoon. Naturally he jumps at the chance. Because I am so hot? Not likely. Because he is a man about to be laid and he is not going to miss the opportunity of that. So we sneak up to the bedroom and leave the girl quietly watching her cartoons and said snack.

Time passes, I can't recall how much as I was "in the moment." When suddenly there are footsteps in the room and Caitlyn is literally squealing with glee. Yelling at the top of her lungs.....


Needless to say the "moment" I was so captured in is quickly GONE!!! I tell Caitlyn to go get her pillow from her room so that we can lounge together. Giving me those precious few moments to don my clothing and Matt can race into the bathroom to remove certain coverings from his body. When Caitlyn reenters the room, she is very quick to ask me what Daddy and I were doing.

My mind races...searching for something appropriate to say other than...well I don't know what, but something believable. So I tell her that daddy was tickling Mommy. Is this a lie, not really. Just an understatement of sorts. Caityln being who she is responds...

"I want daddy to tickle me too."

Matt being who he is responds....

"Maybe in some parts of the country (I won't say what state he mentioned so as not to offend readers) but not here in Chicago honey."

I don't think that she was scarred by this incident as she truly believes Daddy was in fact tickling Mommy. Poor Matt will never get an afternoon quickie again while Caitlyn still resides in this house.


jon said...

Good Lord, Why hesitate to post that? It's not only funny, but who hasn't happened to? Both as a child and parent. If it weren't for embarrassing moments like that, what would we have to laugh at?

Shelley said...

LMFAO that is the best blog entry I ever read in my entire life. YOU KILL ME !!!!!

Cath said...

That is hilarious Nancy!
I remember walking in on my parents when i was little and my Dad telling me that he was ' Helping Mummy with her breathing' WTF??