Monday, October 17, 2005

Tough Weekend

Good news first....Matt's football team has won their conference and they are now in the playoffs. The goal is to win the next 4 (or 5 I can't remember) games and he will coach his team at Soldier Field. To say that he would be ecstatic would be the understatment of the year. I think if he were given the opportunity to do this, he would die a very happy man. So keeps fingers and all other appendages crossed that he makes it and his team does well over the next month.

Now on to Caitlyn's business. Lately she has been peeing like a madwoman and having some accidents and doesn't even realize that they are happening. She has also been wetting the bed every night and a few nights ago actually wet it twice in one night. And when I say accident and wet, I really mean saturate. It is an extroadinary amount of urine that she expels. She has also been constantly telling me that she is thirsty. Now normally this wouldn't bother me, but she actually uses that word instead of just asking for some juice or milk or whatever. The fact that she is telling me how very thirsty she is has led Matt and I to a very frightening thought.

All of these things are symptoms of diabetes. Because her father has it, she is obviously at risk. So on Satuday morning, we decided to test her blood sugar just to put Mom's mind at ease and prevent her from automatically jumping to the wrong conclusion. (as I sometimes have a tendency to do) Lo and behold, the number that appeared was one that about stopped my heart....156. Norm range for healthy person, 80-120. So although it is not much higher than the norm, it is high none the less. Meaning that there is something going on in that little body of hers. So on the phone to the ped's office to get an apoointment for Monday am so that they can run blood work. Down side to that, she must fast.

Fast forward to Monday, today, and a starving girl who has not been able to eat or drink for damn near 15 hours. The doc was visibly unnerved by the number that we got on Saturday (on Sunday morning when we tested it was 80 which has me thoroughly confused). He is also concerned with the fact that she is peeing so very much and asking for fluids. He has drawn some blood and will be running a host of tests on it. The most important test that he will be looking at is the A1C. This will basically give him an idea of what her blood sugars have been in the past and whether or not she has been having high blood sugars. It may also look for unusual lows, I'm not exactly sure.

So we are now in the wait and see stage. We have had to do that so many times in this little girls 4 short years that when I hear those words, I want to hot the person saying them. Hopefully we will have some answers by tomorrow, Wednesday at the latest. When all is said I done, I just want him to say that it was a fluke, but my gut is telling me something much different from that.