Monday, October 31, 2005

The Halloween Festivities

I hate the smell of pumpkin guts, I hate the feel of pumpkin guts, in a nutshell, I hate pumpkin guts. But my child goes to school now and they tell her all of these things that a parent is supposed to do with their children on Halloween. So I sucked it up and took one for the team and carved the stupid pumpkin. She was supposed to help, but didn't. Cause guess what?? Like me, she hates the smell of pumpkin guts and hates the feel of pumpkin guts. There's those damn sensory issues rearing their ugly heads again. Only this time, it is to my benefit. Caitlyn said we should have just painted the pumpkin. So next year, that is precisely what we shall be doing.

And here is the finished product. At least it does in fact resemble what a pumpkin should look like. Those people that do all those fancy things with their pumpkins....well, they must have loads of patience and forearm muscles from hell. Because after scooping for only 15 minutes I thought my arms were going to fall off.

We awake this morning to screeches of glee that it is Halloween and there is a party at school and a parade at school and she FINALLY gets to wear her costume.

And I could understand why she would want to cause holy shit does she look adorable in it.

Of we go to trick or treating this evening. And of course it rains becuase it hasn't rained all day. Luckily the temperature wasn't too awful so we were able to stay out and play in the rain. Paired with begging for candy and getting it, what could be better in life for a 4 year old??


Cath said...

She looks absolutely adorable and what a great pumpkin.
Must admit i don't much like pumpkin guts either!

worry woman said...

Oh my heavens! How cute does she look? I thought mine looked sweet...NOT compared to Caitlyn! But don't tell okay?
P.S. My girlfriend just had a baby girl and Guess what her name is? Yup, it is Caitlyn!