Saturday, October 29, 2005

And on the second day, the Lord created...

Here is my confession of the day (or year). I can count on one hand the number of times that Caitlyn has been in a church. Not that I am against it or anything, but Sunday is a day of rest in the land of the Walshes. I just can never muster up the strength and energy to get up early to go to church. And to have to figure out an additional days worth of clothing for Caitlyn and I is really a task.

My 16 year old cousin has attended a church down the street from me for about 6 or so years. I really don't even know what religion this church is. Matt and I often refer to it as "The Cult." Not that they are like Jamestown or anything, but sometimes my cousin has some views on things that she has learned from this church that just strike me as odd. Granted it could be that she is now 16 and has her own views, who knows. Anyhow, she is there every Friday night for "group." Seems very similar to Awana when she has described it to me. Her younger sister, whom my mother now also has custody of, was going with her this past Friday. So naturally, Caitlyn wanted to go as well. After discussin it with the 16 year old, she assured me that there was a group of children there in the 3-4 year old group and that Caitlyn would have a wonderful time.

Off they went.

I get a call about 2 hours after they have gotten there from a luaghing 16 year old. Imagine my child, who again has very little exposure to any religion, sitting in a small group discussing religion. Here is the conversation my cousin tell sme ensues...

Teacher: Does anyone know what God created on the second day? (they had already discussed his very busy first day)

Students: raising hands in the air shouting I know I know I know, my daughter included

Teacher: Caitlyn what do you think God created on the second day?

Caitlyn: Well he created the sun.

Now, I know I am a teacher, and I know my child is brilliant, but who in the world has taught her some of the things that she knows??? Cause it sure as hell HAS NOT been me or Matt. I mean honestly, is this something that they are now talking about on Sesame Street? I am really at a loss as to where she would have gotten this info from and retained it no less.
Of course when she gets home I ask her about how she knew this information and who gave it to her. Her response is very clear and makes perfect sense to me (I think)

"I just thought about it in my brain mommy and knew that was the answer."

Needless to say, next Friday she wants to go again......and Matt and I are now part of "The Cult."


Cath said...

WOW, what a smart cookie!

a very tired mommy said...

too fucking funny....have fun at the cult! ;)