Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I am losing my Patients

You know, it's funny how difficult the English language really is. It is amazing to me that people manage to learn it as a second language and even more amazing that it just comes so naturally to so many of us. Things like bow...how many of you read that as bow as in something that goes in hair or bow as in bending your body in half? Yet, we all figure it out and it is simple for most of us.

Well, I am sure that for a child, the learning process that goes on while they are hearing and speaking all of these words, is tremendous. And every now and again, they show you that it really doesn't just come naturally. Sometimes they need to understand that there are words known as Homophones. Words that sound alike, but have 2 different spellings and meanings. But can you really explain a homophone to a 4 year old? No. They just have to take your word for it that you know what you are talking about despite the fact that what you just said has a completely different meaning to them than it
did for you.

Take for example the scenario in my house last night....
Caitlyn is being her usual self and driving me crazy before bed. Not wanting to pick up her toys, not wanting to come by me so I can bathe her, not wanting to basically do anything that I tell her to. Naturally, voices get raised and a pouting child is the end result with some whimpering (on both our parts).

Mom: "Caitlyn come over here now."
Caitlyn: "Mom I just....."
Mom: "Caitlyn, I am losing my patience."
Caitlyn" crying at this point "But you're not even a doctor."

Fight over, Mom laughs and hugs child and says come on goofy let's go take a bath. Does she know why I was no longer aggravated? No. Did I explain the difference between patience and patients? No. Why? Cause that probably would have ended up in another power struggle between the two of us and I just wanted to laugh at the moment. (and get her ass in bed.)


worry woman said...

I love that stuff. Doesn't it just make the night all better? I keep reminding myself to write all of these funny and cute things down so I can remember them when she is making me nuts as a teenager!
I was teaching Max to ride her bike and I was doing a crappy job and I said to her, "I am sorry I am not a better teacher." and she says this - "That's okay, 'cause your a REALLY good mom." Yeah, I started crying and said to her..."YOU ARE SO COOL!" She can just make my day so much better sometimes. Weird huh? We are doing spelling now and man, I can't wait trying to teach synonyms and homonyms...UGH!

Cath said...

What a funny, funny lady you have on your hands there Nancy. Please don't let here ever chance, she is just perfect the way she is!